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What a fabrication!

I want to thank the handful of people that read between the lines and picked up on what really happened in Oklahoma. I'm just going to take a few minutes to respond then I'll post a rebuttal on Sunday. Things are super busy these days, as an example here is how my day went:

Get email that Q and the other "grassroots" sided with the worst state chamber shill in the state, the McCarville Report blog, and opened up this can of worms once again.

Get to work and the postman brings a cease and desist letter from an attorney representing a reserve deputy that we outed a few weeks back in our weekly newsletter. Middle eastern guy, reserve deputy dentist playing cops on the weekend, massive increase in his personal wealth in just a few years, had a county owned vehicle sitting in his garage that had a license plate scanner and the most advanced communications equipment in the state other than the mobile command post truck which was receiving every FBI/Homeland security alert and update, recently indicted on a federal medicade fraud charge of 15 million bucks, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the local sheriff to gain access to the sheriff dept. The sheriff that basically sold access to this guy for donations is a former international cheifs of police president, very pro gun control.

Spend an hour responding to an extremely high placed Republican elected official (maybe third or fourth from the top) phone call responding to a request for funding for a hard core constitutional senate candidate in Tulsa. Lined up two conservative state senators to mentor the guy before and after the election if he manages to win.

Interviewed with the main paper in the state on the dentist/reserve deputy/access to FBI/Homeland security updates. Provided the reporter the court documents proving that the dentist lied about a previous felony arrest and about being under federal indictment for medicade fraud. And I built cabinets and made a living or part of one.

Now, how is it that I can rub noses with state senators and ask political opponents for campaign funds for conservative candidats. It is because Dr. Paul taught me how to do politics through C4L and that included confrontational politics. Go ahead and squeal that it is his staff teaching that and I'll remind you who hired them and pays the bills. Bottom line is that the politicians are scared XXXXless of what we do and do their best to stay out of the line of fire. We killed Obama Care Health Exchanges here in Okahoma after a two year fight and three people were given credit for the kill by the House author of the bill: me, Darren Gantz, and Dave Bell. Bell is the senate candidate I was raising money for today.

Now, this link that Steve Dickson is bandying about where they turn over control. What he isn't saying is that they formed that group the night I met with them upon my appointment. They did this specifically to compete with the National campaign but they folded it a month later when they realized I had all the toys. I was in the room when they formed it, but the way things work is that National staff can have zero control or cooperation with grassroots groups that have made independent expenditures so I couldn't approve or disapprove of what they set up. I was there to introduce myself and to get them on board the campaign. Instead they decided to compete with the national campaign.

Also unmentioned was the nearly unrelenting pressure a few dozen of the 2008 volunteers put on the campaign including threats of a FEC investigation if Dr. Paul appointed me, the theft of the sign in sheets at the rally when Dr. Paul made his first and most likely last visit to Oklahoma which I arranged even after I was told it was impossible, a blackmail attempt by one of the "leaders" to obtain Dr. Paul's email list, a complete campaign to ignore the National campaign's efforts to run a real campaign including calling voters to identify the undecided and delivering literature, they even worked with the state GOP chairman to try to get me fired! The same GOP chairman that later screwed the RP campaign over at the convention.

Unmentioned was the Oklahoma County convention where after a four or five hour credentials process while the entire convention waited while they did their best to throw out 45 RP delegates, getting it down to 13 Republicans they tossed out. Neither Q or Steve Dickson told you who it was that walked down the isle calling point of order, accepted the microphone when it was offered (out of shock mainly) and outed the outright criminal disenfranchisement of our dozen delegates (one was a Santorum guy we found out later). Dickson told a wild tale about his part in that but the reality was that he interfered and screwed it up big time, calling for a motion while his state coordinator had the floor and was telling the story of the thirteen Republicans that had their Republican voter ID held high over their heads nor did he mention that his motion allowed ALL Republicans in the room to become delegates at the Oklahoma County GOP Convention despite knowing that we had dozens and dozens of visitors from other counties that would have tipped the scales against us.

And those Republican women that they insist I was mean to? They were GOP officals disenfranchising Ron Paul delegates, I didn't threaten them, I promised them that we would make exammples out of them.

Bottom line is this. A few dozen 2008 volunteers refused to take the C4L training to prepare for this election. They had no voters list, most couldn't open an excel spreadsheet to save their life, they refused to follow the FEC requirements that Dr. Paul HAD to comply with to avoid an FEC complaint, and fought everything the National campaign tried to do from day one. Over 40 county coordinators were recruited and they knocked them off one by one by threats of blackballing. They refused to put on a campaign, depending on the "delegate strategy" to win delegates without realizing how this would poison the Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney supporters against Ron Paul's campaign. Had they called voters we might have won a delegate and had a leg to stand on.

Now, Q herself and why she is so hell bent on destruction. I had to remove Q and her husband from the district delegate list after a Google search brought up some serious problems with a cult they apparently founded and run. Google "Darwin Fish a true church" and get ready for a serious shock. I had googled Q herself but nothing out of the ordinary showed up but when her husband put in an application for district delegate and we did the vetting... I got to thinking and looked in my wallet and there was a card that Darwin had given me the one and only time I met him at the RP rally. I was so pressured running that show that I didn't even look at it and just stuck it in my wallet. I'll post a scan of the card on Sunday but it lists "satanic churches" as being Assemby of God, Baptists, Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormans, Fundamentalists, Non-Demoninationalist churches, etc. "Satanic pastors" included Billy Graham, Charles Spurgeon, Jack Hayford, James Dodson, John and Charles Wesley, John MacArthur, Rick Warren, etc.

Worse, Q and her husband Darwin supposedly picket other churches during their services, at least according to reports that are out there, which I wouldn't believe myself if I didn't have Darwin's card which flat out tells you that if you don't believe like they want you to then you are going to hell.

Now I ask the harshest critics out there that have believed Q's story, did I dare endorse such a person as a national delegate in Ron Paul's name? Was my job not first and foremost to protect Dr. Paul from harm?

Finally, along with the campaign came a very thick set of rules and guidelines to keep the campaign from being embarrased. It was not for me to question the rules, I took the job on the condition that I follow the rules. If you watch my training talk at the Ron Paul rally in Oklahoma City I explained the need for all of us to put aside our free spirits and make a libertarian army to march beside Dr. Paul to victory, to join together so that someday we would be left alone. If the rules explicity stated to avoid contact with outside groups that had made or were making independent expenditures to avoid FEC problems then that is what we did in Oklahoma. All the 2008 volunteers were offered positions, most of the county coordinator jobs were slow to fill and very, very, few of the 2008 volunteers helped, most outright refused when I asked them to serve.

Now, in the end these jokers did their petition, Dr. Paul ordered an investigation. Not a single point they made was found to be valid as most of what they were complaining about was what I was ordered to do or was expected to do. When the news got out that I was cleared, these same people started complaining again and harrasing the National campaign staff then trying to drive a wedge between National staff and Dr. Paul. At that point Oklahoma had become a distraction to the campaign and I offered to shut the campaign down at the end of April.

Why was I chosen in the first place? Because I was the C4L leader for the state and had been working my butt off on liberty issues, the staff knew me, I had the reputation of someone that even my critics admit that had to be listened to, everyone that I suggested for the leadership slot in the state was rejected for various reasons, I had a current voter list, extensive contacts in politics, and the GOP was and still is scared xxxxless of me after using Dr. Paul's training over a couple of years. Put it this way, I send out a weekly newsletter at 10 pm to midnight on Sunday night, the worst possible time to send out a newsletter. Between 20 and 30% of the House and Senate, state GOP officials, most of the state agency heads, a governor's staffer, and usually the attorney general has read the newsletter before midnight. By 10 am Monday morning nearly all of the House and Senate have read that newsletter to find out who we outed or what we have been given.

The GOP's worst fear was that Al and the Ron Paul volunteers would make common cause against them. It worked at the Oklahoma County Convention, that video went viral, or the parts where Steve Dickson cut me out of it did. The almost the entire version is out there if you look. Dr. Paul even came to Oklahoma after I made the request, not because it was a good political decision because Oklahoma is not a swing state. Dr. Paul came to support what I was trying to do here in Oklahoma, bring his training to his volunteers, and make a difference after the election was long over. Q and her buddies threw all that away when they worked with the GOP establishment and GOP shills like Mike McCarville all because THEY wanted to be the ones in control. Me, I never believed anyone can control anything or anyone, I was content just to follow Dr. Paul's rules and do the best I could to win him votes.

Get ready for a show on Sunday if Q and her buddies don't get me thrown off the website.

Just a cabinetmaker trying to help take our country back