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Dupes alike?

"Am I thinking incorrectly? You see, I like to connect dots…"

Here I have to agree, based upon my Power Equation perspective: that all fits well but your terminology can be misleading.

When you say US did this and US did that it may lead someone to mislead someone into thinking a John Boyd type of person in The US Military is not on our side, the side of Liberty.

The Legal Criminals (presumed to be innocent but most likely their deeds once known would inspire the death penalty if any average 12 people actually try the case): Legal Criminals do this or the Legal Criminals do that and there isn't a whole lot of exculpatory evidence to keep them out of the noose - wayyyyyyyyy toooooooo much inculpatory (another word not recognized by the spell checker) evidence proving, beyond reasonable doubt, that the Legal Criminals send that POWER (money) to where the Legal Criminals send it so as to cause torture and mass murder of innocent people by the millions.

The Dots have already been connected by very smart, diligent, driven, honest, honorable, worthy, accredited, faithful, and good people, such as Sutton - or Bear - perhaps.

Where is the trial?

And then you go back to Free Love?

Don't you see?

If McCarthy was actually working to get the most dangerous people identified, at the very least identified, so as to warn people about what they were accomplishing RIGHT NOW and his POWER was reversed, used against him, corrupted, then how is that not obvious with Warren, Andrews, or even Daniel Shays?

They communicate the problem, they offer solutions, they use words, and then their POWER is reversed as the Legal Criminals know how better to manipulate Massive numbers of people with Sound Bites, and very effective behavioral modification routines, such as inventing a NAME like "Free Love" and then inventing a definition for that name such as Free Love is freedom from any moral understanding, let alone logic, and then as the false story goes, demon children, like Charles Manson, exemplify what "Free Love" really means, not actually anything having to do with freedom and not anything actually having to do with love.

The exact opposite of Free.

The exact opposite of Love.

You can't see the solution, since the Legal Criminals are so effective at demonizing the people who offer it?

You are led by terminology to misidentify friend from foe, and how is that not painfully obvious?

If you want to think better of Conservative Republicans the consider accurately identifying what is worth conserving and what is, exactly, a Republic, and don't fall for the opposite meaning of those well established UNDERSTANDINGS before they became the opposite MISUNDERSTANDING.


Rudyard Kipling

The Gods of the Copybook Headings
“…On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
(Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: "The Wages of Sin is Death…"

So...if that version of "Free Love" can be traced back to Warren and Andrews, so as to shoot them, so as not to listen to their UNDERSTANDING of the problem and the solution, then why not connect the dot, instead of avoiding the work required to actually connect the dot?

Place Warren and Andrews on the stand (while the actual criminals go "free") and convict them of that specific crime, and we both can know better.


"Never mind the Free Love bit, but the other stuff, am I on the right track? If I am, we are in the middle of being Sovietized and that will not end well. There will be a if it is not already happening. I think Ronald Reagan was a fraud..."

How many ways can a person be corrupted? How easy is it to merely value the truth enough to think it, speak it, and act it out?

"I was scared yesterday, like I am on a list or something...I wish I had recorded the call so I could write a word for word letter back to her office. I am not fast on my feet."

There is no way to gain the experience needed to Fight for Liberty while insisting on being IN LIBERTY without experience.

You have to take each step.

There is no easy way, the Legal Criminals have been very busy with the loot they have stolen.