Comment: Maybe you might try figuring out why YOU bother?

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Maybe you might try figuring out why YOU bother?

"They learn the system from the ground up and with luck get voted as delegates and obtain positions. Some go on to run for office."

This is a divideing line between leaving the grassroots and becomming establishment as here in CA, you need to be on a committee or associated with a committee because a committee VETS you and if you are not vetted by the committee, you might as well forget it, as they will fight you harder than anyone.

"r3VOLution is ALL inclusive."

The rEVOLution is in the RepubliCAN Party. The Loberty from the rEVOLution Movement is ALL inclusive.

"We do not criticize, nor do we slander."

I dissagee as I see plnety of criticism and lsander against Rand Paul, Jesse Benton, John Tate and even Ron paul himself by those who claim to be in the LM.

"your seat is meaningless to me"

It's not to those who elected me or the CA Ron Paul rEVOLution, and they matter to me.

"How many years did you say that you were with the Lib party and have failed? I suspect that the same number of years will pass too, that you will be a failure within the Republican party. Simply put: You never learn. And THAT is why you fail."

I was in the LP 16 years. They failed and still do. I am not failing in the GOP, as I was not only appointed to a seat, but my lected seat beings in january. I have been successful in debating have having my committee reject three unconstitutioonal recommendations sent to us from the state. I won't FAIL.