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Comment: Ok let the state print what

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Ok let the state print what

Ok let the state print what ever they want, how much they want and let them call it what they want as long as they don't force me to use or accept it. Let the State debt free currency compete in the free market. Only an open competition of currencies will protect our liberties and wealth. This way you can hoard as much government paper as your heart desires cause after the state starts printing to fund their endless wars, police state apparatus and welfare state your gonna need truck loads to buy an Oz of gold. And this is where the beauty of the free market comes in, if the state wants to have a competitive currency they won't be able to do all that stuff.

However I will continue to use gold and silver to protect what little wealth I have cause for over 3000 years gold and silver have always won in an open competition of currencies and odds are it will again.