Comment: i highly doubt tupac is dead by the illuminati

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i highly doubt tupac is dead by the illuminati

I really don't believe in the illuminati or the nwo as some major conspiracy in this world. I just think there are extremely misguided people with drastically distorted perceptions of reality who attain power and merely lead us to destruction through their ideologies. if anything it was suge knight and his goons who plotted his death, but i really am inclined to consider the possibility of the 7 day don killuminati theory as what really happened. Simply put, i think he actually might be alive, somewhere, waiting till 2014 when he will be 43 years of age like machiavelli (mind that tupac's alternate alias is Makaveli) who also passed at the age of 25 only to return 18 years later. I mean try to not to put it off as some simply Elvis conspiracy nonsense, because elvis died as some hasbeen fat man, while Tupac was this born again hood gangster now an intellectual revealing the truth through his music rather than simply preaching about the thug life. I mean also notice on the 7 (EXCLAMATION ON THE 7) posthumous albums he released, not anywhere did it state RIP TUPAC, or any sort of memory homage, it only stated "EXIT TUPAC, ENTER MAKAVELI". NOW THE BIGGEST POINT TO HIS OFFICIALLY RELEASED DEATH CORROBORATING WITH THE 7 DAY THEORY: he was shot on september 7th and survived until the 13th which is 7 days when you consider the 7th day as a day, and then he died exactly 7 months on September 13, since his last album. I mean i have no clue what tupac is up to if he did fake it, but i sincerely hope he did, i'm not blindly accepting that he did, for me it just seems more likely than him getting killed when all this makaveli evidence is there. maybe tupac is jesus or something...who knows..until 2014, who knows