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But we don't need to embrace Ahmadinnejad in order to not bomb Iran, right? Ahmadinnejad is a huge ass and Iran is a very totalitarian regime. It does not mean anyone should go to war and/or bomb the Iranian people but if you can't see the blatant state oppresion going on in Iran you are completely blind. In Iran women can't go out without covering their hair or else the moral police will arrest them, please tell me: how big government is that?

Look, Iran has great cultural treasures, art, music, innovation and awesome food. Overall it's a beautiful country with a rich heritage. Let's not make the classic statist mistake and preassume that it's the governments doing. (Hamburgers taste good, grand canyon is awesome, I met a nice american once - therefore Obama is a great man)

Right now in Iran, there are people like you. People who want personal and economic liberty. Just like you, except they don't have a daily paul because the government has taken it down. This praising of Ahmadinnejad that has been going on the last week flies in the face of fellow freedom fighters in Iran.