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Gerhart was admittedly NOT a Ron Paul supporter . . .

. . . as late as December, 2011. At his first meeting in the Tulsa area, he told the small group of indigenous leaders that this campaign was NOT about getting Ron Paul the nomination in 2012, but about Rand Paul in 2016. As you can imagine, that set off the volunteers immediately.

I used to think he provided a useful service in much of the muck-raking info he provided. Then he attacked me in print, and I realized much of what he prints is slander and a twisting of the truth. Now I realize he is a LIAR, at the very least. The ends justify the means for this guy.

It is telling that over the course of his four months of building a parallel, competing organization against the grassroots, almost every county coordinator he picked came over to the grassroots. As you have seen in his previous self-serving post, he skillfully weaves his own tale. It just doesn't match reality.

In conversations with top national campaign staff, they have no regrets, and no apologies, for foisting this guy on us. And they seem to have only disdain for the actual bottoms up grassroots people.