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I had a feeling... :)

Some of your comments seemed too aware of the law as compared to the average DPer. ;) So riddle me this (I have a business background):

Going to keep it simple here (well, relatively speaking)...

As a corp, if I draw in $50,000 in revenue, but it cost me $30,000 in salaries to achieve that revenue. My profit then is at $20,000. The corp is taxed on $20,000 as income. (And yes, even if one of those salaries is mine). (And this is the case whether those are direct or outsourced through a third party, which becomes relevant in a moment)

Now, this has clearly stated that *time* is an expense and has value even according to our insane tax code. And because of this, I (and most corp owners) can play some games with the tax code to make our personal incomes actually match the corporate definition mostly.

Now, it is also clearly established that "corps are people, my friend", as a court interpretation of the constitution. So if a corporation is a person, and has all the same benefits, then should not a person have all the same benefits of a corp (since no *additional* meaning is applied to corporations).

A corporation has a right to set the value of services rendered and only pay on the "profit/income" of that exchange.

So why is it that an individual's time is treated as worthless without a corporate sponsor?

The answer to that question is so simple it boggles the mind. Because it is worthless. But wait, your time can only be worth nothing if there is already a fully complete claim on it by the purchaser (IRS/Gov). In other words, it is worthless, because you are a wholly owned slave.

You are leased to a corporation. In fact, this is further confirmed by the simple statement that "IRS liens are first position". Really? The IRS has a claim on my time over any personal contracts I have entered into (my authority), that is the purest definition of ownership. So their authority takes precedence over my own when it comes to my time? What I find most amusing, is how hard people work to avoid this very simple fact.

Which, all of this goes back to my original point... Why on earth would a slave owner ever voluntarily give up it's slave force? The courts will never find for us against the owners. And if they did, they would end up getting put in their place.

p.s. Glad to see you posting again.

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