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The fact is

Truth is perception and it begins with being true to yourself.

It's not a matter of being kind or not. Corporations and people who are selling you perception, or something, appear kind, but it is not truth, though they may be successful in what they are selling, ultimately it's for profit, and this leads to dissappointment, resentment, remorse, pain, and fear.

So it matters not to me that someone is kind. What matters to me is, "Are they for real?" Can I trust them? Many kind people can not be trusted because they are selling something, and that is their bottom line.

Truth is funny. When it works for someone, they smile, they laugh, they say things like, "Oh you're so kind." My response to people who tell me that I am kind is, "No I'm not. I'm honest and it just so happens to work for you." Maybe it sounds kind when I tell someone, "Gosh, you look great!" or "I really like that outfit, the colors and style really suit you." or "You did a fantastic job!" I'm not saying this to them to be kind, but merely reflecting what I'm seeing or realizing". It's MY perception. Someone else could completely dissagree with me and think, "That person looks bad." And they don't say anything, to be kind, because they don't want to offend, even though they are offended by what they see."

If I see someone who looks bad, I will say, "You don't look so hot, are you ok?" Because maybe I can help them. Maybe I know a doctor (I happen to know a few healers/ healers that heal people are always looking for new business because they don't get repeat clients) Maybe I can encourage them to get good help, if they need it. Maybe they are under the weather and I can offer some possitive perspective, or food for thought, because I care about people. And I even tell strangers that look great, "Wow, you look great!" and, "Are you ok?"

When people have issues with me, I pray for them, because it's not about me, it's about them.

As far as welcoming others, maybe that's your job? Maybe that's your role? I see people come here and make a post, "Hi everyone, I've been lurking for 2 years and decided to introduce myself and make my first post." At least 25 people will return a post, "Wecome", and then never post to that person again, or begin a conversation to discover more about them. But few actually come here asking "What should I do?"

This is where the GJ and write-in operatives go to work selling their idea. I'm not here to meet new people and try to get them to vote for GJ, or get them to write-in Ron Paul, or sell them something.

I'm here to share my experience, from grassroots to a committee seat. While that may not impress you, it impresses me because I NEVER thought the grassrooter in me would ever be on a committee seat, which is the establishment. Plenty of people here have an issue with THE establishment, so they attack me. It's their problem.

There are a few posters like me who have committee seats, and these are very valuable people to me because they are who I learn from. Some have loyalty oaths like me, and some do not, and those who do not have shown me how their state emancipated themselves, which gives me a solution.

Those who have loyalty oaths share what's happening on their committees and that gives me a national understanding so it exceeds my own liitle box in CA. Those who are writing in Ron Paul and support GJ have nothing for me. You can dissagree all you like and tell me about "The Liberty Movement", but I, and others who are "kind" because they don't say it to you/them, but do say it to me, "we" I, don't see how you are advancing liberty at this point.

You are not helping me, or us, who are now in the GOP and wondering why Romney and his campaign who fought us, is now fighting the GOP, bankrupting it, making it very difficult to campaign.

In my area, the Obama banners are up, the Democratic Party campaigns have their signs up. We have nothing. If we want a Romney banner, we need to make it. None of us wanted Romney.. so it's becoming clear to us, and as Ron Paul (at least the message I got) "If you want to keep your republic, you better get in the party and fight for it, because it's going down." At this point, I believe many of us are beginning to understand, It's not about Romney, it's about keeping a major party, and it also seems that they are wanting Ron Paul Republicans to fight for the party that we have taken despite Romney.. My chair wants us to do a moneybomb and he has no idea what a moneybomb is. Trust me, me and the other Ron Paul Republican are looking at ewach other like "WTF"?

Many people on Daily Paul hate the GOP so they don't care if the REPUBLICan Party goes down. They do not think past their issues of hate, loathing, fear, discust, contempt, vengence. And the thing is, it's like that Plato story, the people chained to the cave, because it's not the GOP, but what MSM says about the GOP, otherwise they would have joined the GOP. What happened at the RNC many here take what happened to delegates as more reason to hate the GOP, but this is not a good reason, it's an excuse. It would be better if it was a reason to get in the GOP and restore the republic.

So, it may be that the GOP is going to lose it's major party statis.. what does that leave us with? A Democratic Party that is corporate controlled, with a NWO agrenda, seeking to establish a global corporate government that enslaves everyone to corporate law. "We are all Saddam Huessain now" We are all "OBL now". We are all "cancer to an elite who expects us to serve them or be eliminated." It's their planet, their water, their air and not ours.

So that's the fight the way I see it. Romney was forced on us, and we just have to rise above if we are going to fight to restore the republic. To many here are unwilling and unable.

I'm going to let those who want to be grassroots be grassroots. They have nothing for me. I have no requests for any grassroots. I will not be asking grassroots to make signs, or vote for Romney to save the Republic, or come to a meet up, or protest the fed, or rally for anything. What they do is not my business. I have a job and grassroots is not going to help me fill committee seats (you said yourself, you are not impressed.. so what good are you to me that you are not impressed with all I went through to get that seat?), they would have to stop being grassroots and become the establishment, and so those who do not want to become the establishment, will remain grassroots, doing what they want, not what I need or want.

Meanwhile, I will do my best to vote for our liberty so we can be free to be grassroots doing what they want, and establishment restoring the republic.

That is a fact.

have a great posting day.