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Comment: My letter to IBWA

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My letter to IBWA

"To whom it may concern,

I write today to urge your organization to withdraw financial sponsorship for the Commission on Presidential Debates. The reason it is ethically, morally and practically right to end this support is the Commission currently uses practices that heavily stifle debate that falls outside of the political insiders that control the Republican and Democratic parties.

The vast majority of Americans are in urgent need being exposed to a wider range of debate not currently provided by the political news coverage of television news networks. Allowing qualified presidential candidates outside of the two main parties will allow greater responsiveness to real questions and a bigger picture of the issues facing us in this election. One cannot make valid decisions or evaluate situations if not exposed to all the relevant facts and perspectives.

Please withdraw your sponsorship from the Commission on Presidential Debates until such time and the guidelines for who can be included in debates are significantly widened to allow all the qualified candidates to participate in this most important requirement of a healthy political process.

Thank you,"

I will also email this to the address and give them a call. Maybe others will too.