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You can do it when you try.

Granger, that was another post that was well put together. Maybe that is why I try, as I have commented a couple of posts up.

We do see things differently. I see tremendous value in grassroots. In fact, I believe that it is *imperative* to build grassroots well beyond what we did between 2008 and now.

Based upon your above post, I agree with some of your reasoning. But the one issue that I have is with romney. While romney was FORCED upon us, that gives NO MERIT to supporting him just to support the party. I do not readily "take one for the team", for if it is for all of the wrong reasons, why unite? Ron Paul himself has made that statement at Texas convention. Maybe you should revisit that speech to see what I am talking about and to gain clearer understanding.

I will end this post by saying that we both need to work together if we are to succeed. So far in the past hundred years, no one person has been able to formulate a winning strategy against the corrupt. There is no reason to believe that either one of ours will work either. But if we think outside of the box and pull our resources and knowledge together, we may be on to something extraordinary.

I hope that before you respond to this that you will ponder what I am getting at. You are not totally wrong. But mark my words, neither am I. FACT and FACT.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul