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No wonder the RNC proceedings in Tampa were so corrupt, the collectivists are in charge in plain sight, or nearly so? Ron Paul gave an interview this week. At the end of it he spoke of dirty politics and how if we do not engage there will not be a peaceful transition.
Had you heard of Major Jordan before? I heard of him thru Charlotte Iserbyt. Seems he kept a “diary.” Hardcopy is available for viewing on line. We were shipping the Soviets all kinds of stuff…I suppose on the Tax Payer dollar…to our demise. The Griffin video I listened to was him speaking in the 60’s. I do not understand how the military bases were used to spread the wealth. I do not understand the mechanics of how the American Dollars spent by service men were exchanged by those countries for gold in Europe. (Do you understand that part?) I guess our US Military bases are used for money laundering in the form of paychecks to those soldiers spent in other countries. Then I guess I have to think about who ends up with that spent money in those countries, and who controls that person or those people that end up with that money. What a pathetic mess. The good faith and credit of the American people has been stolen and laundered.

I started writing to you before I finished listening to Major Jordan speak. Anyways, he also spoke of how Panetta surrounded himself with communists in some white house position a long time ago, and how he, a WWI vet, did not have access to Panetta, but the communists had direct access to him there in that position. Leon Panetta is still in Washington. He is the Secretary of Defense under Obama. He is the one that inferred recently that he does not need clearance from congress to go to war. All nice and out in the open. Was it a show for the people?

I guess that money laundering is part of the rationale of closing the bases and bringing the troops home. The other part of Ron Paul’s plan was to get rid of 5 government departments. I think that would have cleared out a bunch of communists as well. The American People cannot even recognize freedom anymore. Here was a man laying out a plan to Restore Liberty and the people could not recognize it. Too many lies have been told? I am understanding more now what you were saying about the cost of all the lies told.
Had you heard of Charlotte Iserbyt before? She provided Sutton with the books containing the listings of skull and bones members. Seems both her father and grandfather were members of that order. She was in Reagan’s Education office, which was a farce according to her. She had been a supporter of Reagan, but soon found out his true color. Seems Buckley under Reagan outed the Birchers. So what I wonder now, when I hear people like Michele Bachmann say we need another “Reagan,” or former congressmen speaking to Tea Partiers saying the same thing, do those speakers know what they are saying? Are they trying to continue to garner the conservative “Christian” vote thru falsities, or do they truly believe that Reagan was an American Patriot? I have had my suspicions about Reagan, and I believe now they may have been confirmed.

Also, I think you said this referring to Reagan: “How many ways can a person be corrupted? How easy is it to merely value the truth enough to think it, speak it, and act it out?”

Are you saying Reagan had good motives, but was corrupted?
You said: “…that the Legal Criminals send that POWER (money) to where the Legal Criminals send it so as to cause torture and mass murder of innocent people by the millions.”

I have trouble, do they want to buy that murder and torture, or is it a by-product of amassing wealth?
The other thing about the truckloads of US money sent to the Middle East...maybe the criminals “bought” the country’s gold with it? Maybe that was why it was not the “US Taxpayer’s money.” Josf, I think the Jews were killed for their gold too. I watched a video called Banking with Hitler and the inception of the IBS (it was the first international bank). I saw piles of eye glasses and teeth that were melted down. As if they were harvesting a crop. That gold went thru that International Bank. Also, when Hitler took over a country the gold from that country was transferred thru the IBS to Germany…I wonder where all that gold went after the war?

I watched a video here: and the Jewish men meeting with Ahmadinejad this week said something about their leaders being killed in the Holocaust leaving the Jewish people subject to following Zionism. That was an eye opener for me. Those Jewish men in that video did the kissy kissy with Ahmadinejad and it all looked real and sincere. Maybe it was all a show? I don’t know but they also gave him a big silver bowl attributing his “sweetness.” Seems also there is a large Jewish settlement in Iran. I also looked at the website below that video and saw more information regarding the sellout of the East European Jews by the Zionists.

Here is a dot I am trying to connect: Some people are against Ahmadinejad because he said the Holocaust did not exist or something to that effect. I wonder if his words were twisted and instead he was saying the Holocaust is a fraud. (Not that it didn’t happen, but could have been prevented, or was actually made to happen, or there were ulterior motives.) It seems to me as a child all I ever heard about were the 6 million Jews that were killed (not making light of that subject at all). I suppose that was to promote Zionism? I remember saying something to Jeff last year that there were a lot more people killed in WWII than 6 million Jews. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the others? What is the purpose of Zionism? Is it part of the Hegelian dialect for current events in the Middle East? Did I hear about the holocaust as a child to garner my support for Israel? (Sutton spoke quite abit about the Hegelian dialect in his skull and bones talk. He also talked about Might makes Right and some other things you have talked to me about.)
I understand what you say about enemies turning terms into something they are not. But to me that means those enemies are part of the dots that need connecting, not that there are not dots to connect. It would also mean to me that the beginning dots are not liable for the ending dots. Those dots get high jacked and taken to a different destination? I voted for Reagan, so I have dots connected from me to him. There are a lot of lies in between “Christians” and those dots leading to Reagan and those dots leading to the Bushes.
Henry Ford: “It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system,…”

Mr. Ford, I beg a question: “Well enough for who?” …Josf, as I listened to those scholars ramble on with their truth this week, I do believe I heard speak of Ford operations in Russia and how that equipment on wheels then ended up in Vietnam or Korea, or both (I cannot remember where), being used against our own American soldiers. Maybe Mr. Ford was no longer living? I do not know all the dots in between.
And now I want to know, is this view of history that I have become enlightened too, what Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom will teach? Am I a Johnny come lately to what the Austrians and Libertarians and Mr. Rockwell and Mr. Rothbard and Mr. Warren and Mr. Andrews and Mr. Griffin and Mr. Sutton and Mrs. Iserbyt and Dr. Paul and Major. Jordan and Mr. Kelley understand? Or are there only a few that know and repeat the truth?

I still have trouble with that collective “we” and ambiguous “US” and saying “things” do things. I have been using those terms my whole life, I see the danger but am not always aware.
I understand that Warren provided a solution outside of the money con game. I understand that probably better now than ever and why it is so significant. Probably my biggest failing was not to read Sutton at the very beginning as you suggested. I rather watch videos. It seems I am too lazy to read and have taken a lot of your time instead. Plus it is hard for me to read on-line, but that is an excuse.

I wonder if the American People can understand history better than the banking system. Perhaps there is hope?

I am angry and sad that people are not allowed to live their lives in peace because Legal Criminals who love money will not leave us alone. I dare say we would be happy to trade with equity just to be left alone to live out our lives in peace with our family and friends, but then the criminal’s gain would be worthless because no one would want or need their gold. I suppose that is why money must be scarce? So we will want and need their gold so that it has value for them?

Can you explain to me again how to make money so that it cannot be laundered? Is it possible? Do we have time? Is it too late?

I could not sleep again last night. We are in grave danger. The net is being drawn.

I know you said you would be AFK for a while. I am concerned about your mother. I realize I have taken much of your time. Thank you Joe Kelley for helping me see.