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Comment: We've been round and round with Connelly

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We've been round and round with Connelly

....Deacon of his church. ???? My husband confronted him about SCGOP Booing the Golden Rule @ RP during Myrtle Beach,SC 2012 debate and he actually had the nerve to say they weren't booing the Golden Rule, they were booing Ron Paul's use of the Golden Rule. Connelly tried to turn everything around on my husband until my husband reminded him (at my urging only) that the only reason he was in the stinking GOP was because of his Uncle, a former Chief Justice of SC State Supreme Court and former SC Speaker of the House. I guess it's tacky but Connelly shrunk back a little then.

UM, how can the Golden Rule EVER be taken out of context right?

Waaay back when our state convention was voting for our new state chairman, a head tea party lady in front of me turned around after the second round of voting which was pretty much tied (they wanted Connelly, I did not) and asked "What can we do to get you to change your vote?" to which I replied "You'd have to burn me at the stake."

SC has lost it's Liberty Liver, Goodbye Ft. Moultrie, goodbye Cowpens, goodbye Ft. Sumter. :(

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer