Comment: I also experienced opposition from the campaign in WA State

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I also experienced opposition from the campaign in WA State

I am a 60 year old ex-neocon who googled Ron Paul last December. I became politically active and energized then. Wanting to help the campaign I located and contacted our county co-ordinator and got on board. Being retired, I had plenty of time to walk the streets, phone bank, and get people involved. I personally brought in 80 supporters to the county caucuses by hitting the streets.

Being a retired software engineer and IT savvy, I got involved with the voter database, and headed the coordination of getting precinct leaders hooked up with voter lists for their precincts and getting them engaged in contacting voters. Yet, once I started doing this I had fierce opposition from higher up in the state level. I was then denied all access to the database.

Here I was, a professional very adept at IT, energized and with plenty of time to do the work, actually showing great progress -- and they cut me off at the knees. Sabotage of grass-roots action is disgusting.

As a footnote: I have now learned how to get voter records from the county and state and maintain my own database which I can update. I also ran for PCO and won. This ain't over. I'm not giving up -- which is what the campaign as well as the local Republican establishment have tried their best to discourage me into doing.