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Bundesbauer gets it

I couldn't agree with you more. The Bank of England (the same people who were part of the money mastering and would become the Fed System and globalists) Outlawed the debt free notes and put them back on your beloved Gold-Standard. It killed our economy and basically led to the revolutionary war!!! Why? Because gold and gold only is CONCENTRATED MONEY. There is a case for free competing money or printing debt free US Notes that are held accountable/checked and balanced through the Republic, through the people. Lets not get all anarchist about this. Power to "coin" money was at that time the VERB for "issue". There is nothing wrong with government in itself, when it is for and by the people. That means we need to be more involved as a people. Here is the big issue many of us do not understand: The govt does not "print" the money! The private banks do (under the smokescreen of the private Fed). Give congress the right again, and hold them accountable. Pegging our money to one rare and precious commodity is about the stupidist thing you can do! There's nothing constitutional about it. The whole theme of the constitution is DECONSOLIDATION on every level. With money, this means public, not private (bankers), alternatives and competition, not concentration.