Comment: "Party politics" is a total distraction.

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"Party politics" is a total distraction.

The campaign was not only a hindrance in 2008, they actively stabbed me in the back (I was a state co-coordinator. Just naming 2 coordinators was pretty much BS, seemingly intended to incite division, but Alanna and I had higher priorities - liberty.)
It was with EXTREME reluctance that I got involved again in 2012, fool me twice and all... But I still love liberty, and saw no better route, so I got involved again just in time to watch the campaign take one of our best volunteers, make her coordinator and then hamstring her with the title. She was left to give ho-hum speeches that never touched on anything "sensitive" and was unable to openly communicate with the grassroots. Meanwhile, the self-anointed grassroots leader continued his incompetent or malicious (I lean toward malicious) unorganizing of any grassroots efforts that did not lead to his personal political gain. Seriously, I have never seen anyone so good at taking tremendous energy and enthusiasm and making such a mess of it, and he pulled the same stunts he did in '08. POLITICS IS UTTERLY CORRUPT.
If you care about liberty, live it. One day you will likely be gunned down in cold blood for it, but at least you will live free, then die. I still want to believe that RP was not just part of a plan to get all liberty lovers to self identify - really about all I got out of politics was on a few more lists. But right down to the local committees and PCP positions, people get a taste of politics and they turn evil. Sorry, their desire to rule over others is evil, and it is time to stop pansy-a$$ing around that fact.
Self governance is what Jesus was talking about, that is why they made up a religion to marginalize his message.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.