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Comment: What if the WWII Holocaust Jews were used as Zionism Fodder?

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What if the WWII Holocaust Jews were used as Zionism Fodder?

How about this of late, I mean just in the past week, I have come to consider that perhaps the holocaust was a false flag. No, I do NOT mean that 6 million Jewish people were not horribly exterminated. What I mean is that it was allowed to happen, was pushed to happen, maybe even made to happen so that the Zionists would be granted Israel as a homeland.
Mind you, my whole life I have been supportive of Israel as a Born Again Christian.
I do not know if I am right, but it seems that some very devout looking Jewish people met with Ahmadinejad. I watched a video of that meeting here: and the Jewish men meeting with Ahmadinejad said something about their leaders being killed in the Holocaust leaving the Jewish people subject to following Zionism. That was an eye opener for me. That sent me on a investigative history hunt (probably a weak one, but one none the less). Those Jewish men in that video did the kissy kissy with Ahmadinejad and it all looked real and sincere. Maybe it was all a show? I don’t know but they also gave him a big silver bowl attributing his “sweetness.” I also looked at the website below that video and saw more information regarding the sellout of the East European Jews by the Zionists:

“These treacherous Zionist leaders betrayed their own flesh and blood. Zionism was never an option for Jewish salvation. Quite the opposite, it was a formula for human beings to be used as pawns for the power trip of several desperadoes. A perfidy! A betrayal beyond description!”

Here is a dot I am trying to connect: Some people say Ahmadinejad said the Holocaust did not happen or something to that effect. I wonder if his words were twisted and instead he was saying the Holocaust is a fraud. (Not that it didn’t happen, but could have been prevented, or was actually made to happen, or there were ulterior motives.) It seems to me as a child all I ever heard about were the 6 million Jews that were killed (not making light of that subject at all). I suppose that could have been to promote Zionism? I remember saying something to my husband earlier this year that there were a lot more people killed in WWII than 6 million Jews. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the others? What is the purpose of Zionism? Is it part of the Hegelian dialect?

In addition to Zionism, I think the Jews were killed for their gold too. I watched a video called Banking with Hitler and the inception of the IBS (it was the first international bank) . I saw piles of eye glasses and teeth that were melted down. As if they were harvesting a crop. That gold went thru that International Bank. When Hitler took over a country the gold from that country was transferred thru the IBS to Germany…I wonder where all that gold went after the war?

Antony Sutton as an author was also recommended to me. His online readings were too long so I looked on YouTube. I think perhaps, if one can get past the 1970/80 get up in this video series, some clues are held:

Same interviewer again at a later date:

Sutton again here (Professor Antony Sutton: Wall Street & the rise of Hitler 1)

I also watched some of from the daughter of a member of the Skull and Bones, Charlotte Iserbyt, who was also working in Washington under President Reagan in the Department of Education she also speaks again here and mentioned Major Jordan who I listened speak here:

Mr. Sutton spoke to the Hegelian conflict used by the Order.

Here is my premise
Eastern Europe was raped by the bankers during WWII who then used the Hegelian conflict of communism and capitalism to control world affairs afterward thru a false cold war. The Holocaust was used by Zionists to create the nation of Israel. The new Hegelian conflict is radical Muslim Terrorists and Zionism to lead world affairs as the United States are becoming Sovietized. So the question is what is the Thesis…where are they, the money brokers, going with these direct opposite conflicts?

It concerns me that there may be very few who are looking out for the best interests of the United States as people are caught up in both opposing sides of the conflict, which IMO have been orchestrated to cause such confusion and delusion while perhaps the raping of the Middle East is accomplished.

How is that for a far-fetched theory? And what bothers me most of all if this is true is that “Christians” have also been used to give moral support or to believe that Zionism is a good thing because of their love for the Israeli people and knowledge that God gave that land to Abraham.. But according to that website given above ( ), the European Jews where used as fodder to prepare the way for the re-birthing of the Jewish Nation who according to them was not supposed to be accomplished by man, but by God. Those Jews against Zionism say that the rebirthing of Israel was manmade and that they were not supposed to reposes the land until the Messiah granted it to them: “…Only through complete repentance will the Almighty alone, without any human effort or intervention, redeem us from exile. This will be after G-d will send the prophet Elijah and Moshiach who will induce all Jews to complete repentance. At that time there will be universal peace.”

May God have mercy upon us as we live in these sordid times. I do not know if my trail of connecting dots is correct, but I highly suspect that it may be.