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A Fractured Liberty Vote Helps Establishment GOP

I didn't describe a fractured conservative vote, although we are indeed part of one :) Thanks for your civil reply and knowing I am not an enemy, as I understand you are not one either.

I'll explain how a write in helps the establishment GOP. Let's assume the establishment GOP wants to continue to ignore us, wants to continue to minimize our numbers and our influence. I think those are safe assumptions.

If some Ron Paul Republicans vote for Johnson, and others write in Ron Paul, that is a fractured Liberty vote. The write ins almost always won't be counted. So according to the announced results after the election, perhaps we will only get 8% of the vote for Johnson, and the GOP can continue to ignore us, using the 8% as the measure of our voting strength. But perhaps, unknown to anyone because the write-ins were not counted, perhaps the write in's were 5% of the vote. We could have the clout of proclaiming 13% and shake the political landscape. Instead, because people wrote in Ron Paul instead of voting for Johnson, our numbers are deflated.

Even if your state does count write-ins, I suggest that it means the media would need to "add" two categories of votes together - you give them much more credit than I would :) They would need to add Johnson's, plus this or that state's write-ins for Paul, to get the total Liberty Movement count. I seriously doubt the media will add anything together at all, thus keeping the reporting of our numbers fractured. Also, it gives the media too much opportunity to mis-count and mis-represent, where they can conveniently forget to report a certain state's write-ins just to minimize our impact. Don't you think they would do that, if we give them the opportunity? And what about the GOP - I don't trust them after Tampa. I can see them filing lawsuits right after the election to throw out write-ins from this or that state using this or that excuse, again for the specific purpose to keep our vote fractured and our numbers minimized.

So if you give the establishment GOP the opportunity to measure our numbers at 8% instead of 13% or 18% or whatever they are, you are helping them. You are also hurting the whole movement, and setting us back. Think of all the efforts of all the people across the country, all doing what they could in 2008 and 2012, only to fracture our numbers in the one election where it matters - what a sad situation!

Nevertheless, it's not like voting for Ron Paul wouldn't feel good. I understand totally. However I simply suggest it is not the best way to advance the Liberty Movement, and place us in the strongest position in 2014 and 2016. We have an almost unique opportunity right now, in this 2012 election, to draw a line in the sand - with both political parties. It would be such a shame to let this opportunity to slip through our fingers, to go unrealized, because we were a fractured vote.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof