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Comment: Yes And

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Yes And

look at the amount of land and the settlements this bloody propaganda has won for Israel.

Netanyahu has had this one country theme for years! One would have to think he was certifibly insand or a great propagandist....I believe it is the latter.

I also feel that Bibi knows now that his propaganda is not working.....the WHOLE world has awakened to Israel's constant playing the victim and are finally fed up! He knows that Israel can not go to war with Iran and win it on their own. They need America's blood and treasure to do that......I say no more!

And even if Iran had a nuclear you really think they would be stupid enough to use would mean immediate annihilation from the US. Iranians are not a stupid people.

We know that the Zionists are behind sooooooooooo many falseflags. The Jewish people are now aware that the Zionists are the real enemy of the Jews! That is the most supremely tradgic fact of this whole scenario. There is now a rising global tide of anti Israelism. One has to be frightened that this could lead to a rising tide of anti-semitism......which would be disastrous.

It is most important to distinguish between Zionism and Judaism. And it is also most important for the Jews themselves to take responsibility and atone for the wrongs done to the Palestian people. Perhaps the time has come for the Jewish people to separate from Zionism.

Read The Real Enemy of the Jews by Allen Heart.