Comment: Whoooooooa there, Y'All.

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Whoooooooa there, Y'All.

The Liberty movement should in no way take the blame for Romney's loss! For goodness sake, it is NOT our fault that the GOP insisted on pushing through their "Candidate". Like someone below stated; we did everything in our power to elect an honest, conservative candidate. Remember, many , many of us who supported Dr. Paul were NOT Republicans anyway. They never could count on our votes but they sure as S T did not win any of us over to their side with their choice of candidate. It is not OUR fault that they did that. They made their bed and now they will lay in it. Period. They would LOVE for us to take the blame. It will give them ammunition when any of us are running for elected positions. No sir, the GOP can take the full blame for their own demise. That's the price they pay for being so out of touch with the electorate. Additionally, I really do believe that we should get behind Rand. He is like Daniel in the lions den.

~Your perception becomes your reality~