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Comment: It is a Johnson troll lie to say ballots will be invalidated

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It is a Johnson troll lie to say ballots will be invalidated

by a write-in vote. That is never the case.

States where you should write in Ron Paul are: AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, OR, RI (map does not show OR.)

A vote for Johnson means we are submitting to GOP and media tactics. In addition Ron Paul's message and associations are clearer than Johnson's: no NDAA, end the Fed, end the bank bail-outs. They are not just bullet points on a website, Ron Paul has lived them and breathed them and stood on the House floor defending our rights. In states where we already know it will count write-in Ron Paul. In other states wait for the outcome of Richard Gilbert's lawsuit to make write votes count in all 50 states.

Also it is a Johnson troll lie that a write-in vote can invalidate your entire ballot. Please stop repeating it, as Johnson supporters have proven themselves to be ruthless takeover artists and pathological liars. Because of your tactics I have already persuaded at least 7 people not to vote for Johnson who were going to do so, and will continue. The nature of the man is shown by the nature of his followers.

Release the Sandy Hook video.