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Agree mostly.

Disagree on grassroots.

What people may have learned from the 08 campaign, is that organization needs to start early because the campaign won't be there then. They come in to play later. This is due to expenditure and possibly so inside strategy has less time to leak out.

If what is to be learned here, used later, and since the above will still probably apply, people will have to start building as a unit earlier. That will be grassroots not any campaign because that will not have existed yet. The Liberty Movement and the C4L are not a campaign.

It makes no sense not to use the word grassroots anymore, does it?

Whatever, this organization will need to start early and it is going to have clout that it earned from hard work readying for a campaign. When a campaign does come on the scene, the campaign does need to recognize this and work with the organized folks/grassroots/whatever. If the view is that the campaign just comes in out of the blue in a dictatorial fashion, this can cause friction.

Many people won't get involved from the get go if they already know ahead of time that a campaign could come in and move the box they built. That is a blow to moral in the foot soldier ranks sometimes more than in the leadership ranks.

This needs solution.