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Thank you

Thanks for pointing that out. I had been thinking all day that our system has gone so far in the wrong direction that we have now created people like this. Ask yourself as you watch the video: is this the way a human being was meant to be? I, for one, don't think that this woman represents the product of civilized humanity. I don't believe that anyone is born that way. In many ways, she is a victim; she is the product of de-humanizing, failed policy. She is what happens when people are prevented their entire lives from the reality that sustenance of one's life requires productive work. There is, however, a critical difference between blaming poverty, education or whatever the bleeding hearts have taught us to blame and blaming the cause of those problems: the very state that put presumes to help people like her.

Remember, it's not just that the welfare state is unfair to productive citizens. It also has an unfair, de-humanizing impact on the recipients of the welfare.

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