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Yes you got it exactly! That

Yes you got it exactly!

That is how they blew up the real estate bubble. Loans are the main way they create money now FRN's are just the petty cash of the system. Loan are the life blood of the entire fiat system! it is a house of cards!

Not only that when they deposit your note as a newly credited asset with fractional reserve they now can loan 9 times its value to other people. Gee where does that money come from? Nowhere they just type it in on a computer screen! But they don't loan those new assets in fact they cannot loan their assets it is against the law. They just do the same same with other peoples notes and keep the rest so they made millions off your note selling on the discount market and creating bank assets and what did you get for your trouble? 30 years of bondage and slavery to the phony debt and worrying if your going to be able to hang on to the house if anything goes wrong...

They made 9 times the value of your loan right out of the gate then sold the note sometimes multiple times and made more millions... Now do you see how they have funneled all the wealth and property to themselves?

Anyone still feel morally obligated to pay these bastards for the fraud they have perpetrated on you?

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