Comment: The BIG issue behind this video...

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The BIG issue behind this video...

Is NOT just the general ignorance of our voting population due to the establishment indoctrination system, and the continued mainstream media mass mind manipulation. But rather the fact that even many of the people involved in this liberty movement fail to see that this video also contains the hidden aspect of corporate welfare being imposed upon the population.
We can consider this a double whammy upon the unsuspecting (yes) taxpayer. Though the funding for the "free phone" hoodwink is done via a little extra charge to all cell phone users, of which I do not happen to be one, we can call it whatever we is still a tax.
Oh how the corporate telecommunication companies must have lobbied congress making this sound like some major benevolent government induced and enforced form of charity that would be so wonderful and benefit so many. Yeah. That's right. Including their bottom line and their share holders.
Now, I have absolutely nothing against charity in it's purist form as when we take cans of food to the local food cupboard or donate to one of the local organizations that I know use the money to directly help members of our community. But THIS. This is cut and dried redistribution of the wealth. And the sad part is, some of it is going to corporate welfare, which is something I have no tolerance for at all. That is something that goes against the grain of real free market capitalism and leans more towards the real problem in this country of crony capitalism.
So it's not all about this lady, or even Obama, who by the way did not initiate this particular program, though he has endorsed it and promoted it rather heavily through television advertisements. Lord knows we have people of this particular caliber supporting the other flip-flopping criminal liar for other reasons just as politicized and unconstitutional. But lets not go there for now.
I circulated this video to a few people on my mailing list because I happened to catch it on a local evening news program. It did stir some debate from the many who bothered to reply. Which to me is always a good thing, because it makes people think.
But not blame this poor woman or mock her.
It is not her fault that our free republic is being destroyed.
I know exactly who is to blame. And I see that person every morning when I look in the mirror.
Now....THINK on that one for a while.