Comment: There is nothing wrong with calling

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There is nothing wrong with calling

a spade a spade. In fact, it would be wrong not to. The problem will not begin to be corrected until we can state the obvious.

I think the people who are laughing at this video (and it IS funny) are not necessarily laughing at her personally, but generally at her ghetto culture, her mind boggling inability to think straight about anything, to know which end is up in any way, shape, or form, and her astounding unrefinement (and no ability to see that she is parading it so pathetically in front of the whole world,) and that she is allowed to vote, for pity's sake. It's the whole ludicrous situation (which involves an outworking of the idiot feds and their money). The video is a stark reminder that ideas have consequences, and that those consequences are so insanely awful as to be funny.

The blacks are not the only ones who are stuck in the ghetto of the mind. I know a nurse who worked at a medical clinic for the poor ignorant whites of the hills and hollers of the Kentucky Appalachians. The nurse prescribed birth control pills to a woman there. When the woman got tired of taking them, she gave them to her husband to take. Okay, you are laughing! Oh my, how terrible! You are laughing at an ignorant woman (it's okay to laugh if she's white?)! Oh, no! I am wringing my hands at how insensitive you are, how callous you are to be laughing at that, and that she is allowed to vote!