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Move to America

Move to America and get a free cell phone!
Move to Switzerland and get bullets... I could be wrong but I believe the Swiss gov provides an annual supply of bullets to it's citizens and requires or at least encorages certain citizens to own a firearm.. if you wanted to interpret our constitution to say you have the right to own anything, like some do by saying you have the right to own health insurance or a cell phone(lol). Using that logic it should be easy to argue that if we all have a constitutional right to health care than we definitely have a constitution right to own and bare arms so I want Obama to buy me a new gun. If it's all the same Mr. Pres than make it an AR-15. And with as mush as I payed in taxes last year you should be able to afford some decent optics. If that's out of the question I understand. Please advise where I can mail my outragous phone bill. And if you don't want to cover either that's understandable too. Just let me keep my paycheck, I'll buy my self a gun, pay my own phone bill, upgrade my health insurance plan to cover my son, and with what's left over I'll take my 12 year old to Disney Land since he's never been...

Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge.

James Wilson