Comment: Bin Laden's motivation was the same as most TSA employees

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Bin Laden's motivation was the same as most TSA employees

A paycheck.

And he didn't have to grope little boys for minimum wage while being blasted with radiation.

Instead he got a big fat paycheck for being a hero/boogie-man from the biggest terrorist loving country in the world, the USA. A country where the people are so dumbed-down they think they are at war with the most bogus of concepts: Drugs, Poverty, Alcohol, Terrorism, and now 'Man-Made Disasters' which includes global warming and terrorism put together.

Oh and if Hitler really wanted to 'exterminate' the jews he would have just sterilized them. Something that was regularly done and acceptable to 'unfit' people--including mixed races--pioneered in the USA and then mainstream in Europe at this time.

It's called Eugenics--look it up.

The Spartans and many cultures would kill or abandon their 'unfit' much like the Eugenicists desire. Let me guess, you don't mind having a beer and watching 300 and cheering on some goofy Good VS Evil nonsense?

The Spartan Eugenics program was much worse than anything Hitler did and is used as a much celebrated model to this day--fiction or otherwise.

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