Comment: Hi Limepickle, let me clarify some things for you

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Hi Limepickle, let me clarify some things for you

I'm not a truther either, but on the other hand I am skeptical about the government claims - as we know how well they are truthful & open...

I don't know if you are familiar with Watergate, but if you are not - there were a lot of people who were in on the 'conspiracy'. I would estimate that 75-100 people had full knowledge, and about 1000 people had partial knowledge. When you compartmentalize an operation, many people involved become insulated or oblivious to the full scope of that operation.

This is why spy agencies compartmentalize. So that if one spy is caught, it will not expose the entire network. You follow so far?

The Bin Laden family's connection with the Bush family is very suspect. The idea that as every plane on the North American continent is grounded, the Bin Laden family are being jetted straight to Saudi Arabia stinks about as strong as stink can get.

One could argue, the bush-bin laden bond is so strong, that the Saudis could have purposefully funneled money to Osama Bin Laden to fund the attack. Who knows?

Bush DID try hard to connect Iraq to 9/11. It didn't work. You must have missed a few news cycles, heh.

Lastly, Hitler was 'cleansing' Germany in a ghastly and controlled method. Today we would call that ethnic cleansing. Jews, communists, homosexuals...they were blamed for German society's ills and it was considered best to exterminate them. I believe President Eisenhower saw the death camps when the war ended. Hardly a man one would consider a liar. I can't speak for everyone at DP, just my opinion.