Comment: Johnson troll lie "may invalidate ballot"

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Johnson troll lie "may invalidate ballot"

States where Ron Paul write ins will be definitely counted: AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, OR, RI (map does not show OR.)

A vote for Johnson means we are submitting to GOP and media tactics. In addition Ron Paul's message and associations are clearer than Johnson's: no NDAA, end the Fed, end the bank bail-outs. They are not just bullet points on a website, Ron Paul has lived them and breathed them and stood on the House floor defending our rights. In states where we already know it will count write-in Ron Paul. In other states wait for the outcome of Richard Gilbert's lawsuit to make write votes count in all 50 states.

Also it is a Johnson troll lie that a write-in vote can invalidate your entire ballot. Please stop repeating it, as Johnson supporters have proven themselves to be ruthless takeover artists and pathological liars. Because of your tactics I have already persuaded at least 7 people not to vote for Johnson who were going to do so, and will continue. Good job.

Release the Sandy Hook video.