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Comment: Hi Jungleboogie, Thanks for

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Hi Jungleboogie, Thanks for

Hi Jungleboogie,
Thanks for the thorough response. You really answered my last question well. The compartmentalization process makes sense. About the Hitler thing, I was just trying to figure out where that conspiracy theory comes from and how many people believe it. I pretty much firmly believe that Hitler was a mass murderer, but apparently not everyone here does.

ronpaul1776, I did see that video. IMO, as much as I hate Bush, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. I myself have said that I saw the first plane crash. It's a natural response when you've seen the initial news coverage of the first attack and heard the reporter say that it was a plane.

Washington2020, this is why I'm confused by the truther community. You and ronpaul1776 have given two completely different responses and both have been upvoted. It's one thing if you are saying that you don't know, but I've seen both arguments (Bin Laden didn't do it and Bin Laden was in on it) presented as facts. Please clarify