Comment: If Gary Johnson doesn't get

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If Gary Johnson doesn't get

If Gary Johnson doesn't get in the rigged fake debates and given equal time by the bobble-heads on TV, none of the lemmings that make up a good 90% or more of the votes cast in the election are going to know about him.
It is a sad fact.
My focus has always been on Paul, and until there is any indication that blue pills in masse are awakening and listening, I'm still writing Ron Paul on my ballot so that when the sh*t is flying from fan blades and my country is in ruins, I will still have the sanity to know I did my duty. I voted my conscience. I warned all my friends and family to the point if becoming a kooky uncle. I am 100% without guilt or remorse.
But like I say, if Johnson gets a fair shake in blue pill-ville, I'll seriously reconsider.