Comment: Why would Bin Laden admit to

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Why would Bin Laden admit to

Why would Bin Laden admit to committing these attacks?

He did not admit it. In fact he denied it over and over again.

If Bin Laden did not attack us, wouldn't that mean that there's actually very little blow back from American foreign policy?

Just because Laden didn't do it, doesn't mean others form the middle east didn't. Second, there are millions of people that hate the US because of our foreign policy.

Bush may have had a motive to go to war, but if he planned the attack, why wouldn't he have framed the attackers to be the Iraqi government?

Who says he did it? We do know they ignored warnings.

How would you prevent one of the thousands of people involved from coming out and becoming a media prize? As bad as the media is, they love stuff like that.

How was D-Day lept secret? There are 1000s of secrets by the government that involve 100s if not 1000s of people. How is Area 51 kept secret? Same way.

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