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Comment: I think you people are

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I think you people are

I think you people are missing the point. NASA now has proof there was once running water on mars. So why should you care? Because if it was like that once, it could be again with some terraforming. There is methane in the soil, so you send machines to dig up the soil and cook it...releasing methane into the atmosphere. You do this for a couple hundred years and mars is warm enough to be earthlike again...the polar caps melt and release the stored water....more atmospheric manipulation and in as little as 500 years its a habitable planet again. So why should you care? Because its a new america was 500 years ago. Only independant minded people strike out for a new frontier(even if they are indentured for ten years). In short...mars is a chance, however distant, for a new republic...possibly the last chance.

Aside from all that, of all government programs, I approve of NASA the most....congress has a constitutional mandate to promote the sciences...just as they do to maintain the post office(at the time of course they didnt consider a free market solution like UPS because there was no such thing). In short...mars is important because it has the potential to become a new world for terraform it would cost a couple trillion...still a far better use of the money than bailing out foreign banks. Could it be done privately? Sure...but the government would never let a private company launch the nuclear reactor powered machines needed to do so.