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I'm an active member of Oath Keepers(#012386).
To look back at where we were 30 years ago, and then see the USA as it is today is like viewing the transformation of a Free country in to a socialist government. Little by little our freedoms are being taken away. It starts with little things. Thinks like the mayor of NYC banning "Big Gulp" drinks and cigarettes anywhere. Some of you laugh and say what a joke. But you fail to see the power behind it and how that power is used. When in fact, they are testing the waters to see how far they can push before "the People" start to push back. Then came the March on Wall St. American police beating Americans in the streets to quell the protests. It is websites like this and others that spread rumors and untruths. Perhaps it is actually Homeland Security who sponsors sites like this one? To prevent people from knowing the REAL truth. If any of you have every read "The Art of War" which I know personally is taught at several Military academies including West Point and The Academy at Annapolis. The powers that be will use what ever means open to them to exploit and confuse anyone who objects to their policies and plans. The Art of War is just one such book that is used to teach military officers how to overcome any obstacle or enemy. It is used not only by the military but by many business corporations as well. It's something that everyone who is a patriot should read and apply in their own lives. But getting back to the subject at hand.

It is people like Stewart Rhodes and Sheriff Mack, along with Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, David R. Gillie and now Jesse Ventura who attempt to open the eyes of the American public. They are all to be commended and respected for their dedication and courage to make a stand and expose the truth. I for one, am extremely proud and honored to be a member of Oath Keepers.

But I'm also a first responder and a F.E.M.A. volunteer medic for any possible disasters that may happen in my state. So which side do I support? I believe in helping,and protecting my fellow man, my neighbors,and people who do not have the ability to protect, or help themselves. My first loyalty is to God, Then the Constitution and all that Oath Keepers supports. There is no conflict for me only priorities. Thank you to Stewart Rhodes for his courage and all those at Oath Keepers for trying to bring us together in a common cause. Constitutional Freedoms.
Alex W.