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"Oh, and for the record, ranks better than & So the argument that you’ll pick up more donors from Republicans, by losing “conspiracy theorists”, is in question."

No, it's not in question. Ron Paul has more support on YouTube than even Barrack Obama, but, he couldn't even get two million votes in the Republican primary. Granted, half of his online supporters were too lazy, too stubborn, too ignorant, or too high (; to register Republican and vote for him. But, even then he would still only have about four million supporters. McCain got 59 million votes to Obama's 69 million in 2008.

Just because a website gets a lot of hits doesn't mean those people are able or willing to donate their money to politicians. For one thing, the majority of the InfoWarriors REFUSE to support anybody unless that person fits in 95% or more with their ideology (conspiracies included) and unless that person does not endorse or vocally support other people who match up 95% or more with the InfoWarriors ideology (conspiracy theories included).

If this movement is going to move into the mainstream political arena, we're going to have to have a separation of conspiracy theories and movement platform. That doesn't mean conspiracy theorists shouldn't be welcomed with open arms, they just need to be made to understand that the Liberty Movement is not just Alex Jones' movement or Adam Kokesh's "Lovelution," but, a COALITION of liberty-minded people of which they are only one of many segments.