Comment: (Truthers) Funny you should have brought this up

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(Truthers) Funny you should have brought this up

I'm the one who posted "Don't Mock The Lady." I'd done so as a rebuttal to a previous post because I'd been saddened by comments directed towards a woman in the video clip. Of all that I could find to criticize in the pathetic situation it portrayed, I could never bring myself to mock an ignorant woman missing teeth. My post only inspired harsher mocking. I was later on line with a friend and wrote, "Some at the DP say we shouldn't talk about "911 conspiracies" or "chemtrails" or anything like that, as it gives Ron Paul and the liberty movement a bad name. Truly, I think the callousness shown would turn off more potential supporters than questioning the collapse of the third tower." Indeed, I find A LINK between some who question the events of 911 and those who support Ron Paul. The one friend I have who's also been a long-time RP supporter also questions the investigation of 911. Also the one person I know, for sure, I won over to RP. I think the link is expressed as those wanting to know THE TRUTH. Concerning the fed, nat'l debt, disregard for the Constitution, and wars, Ron Paul was like the boy who, unafraid, told the truth about the emperor having no clothes.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir