Comment: Be Wary of Lindsey Williams ...

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Be Wary of Lindsey Williams ...

The only source I can find for this info is Lindsay Williams. I've done a fairly extensive search and the only pieces I've seen are duplicates of the same original source, that quotes Williams.

Pastor Williams claims to be an "insider" in the global energy and financial markets, and frequently shows up on Alex Jones show with "inside" information about "something that is sure to change life as we know it / the sky is falling" (in so many words).

He has done this so many times now - that I've personally heard - and his predictive power so far has been pretty weak.

It's very possible this arrangement was made b/t China and Russia.

And the advice to prepare and make sure you are ready for what would happen IF this were true, is certainly good as gold.

But the source of this info is not in any way reliable IMO.

When I hear this news from:

- Economic Policy Journal (Wenzel)

- Zero Hedge

- Doug Casey

- Peter Schiff

Then I'll take this news with a whole lot more credibility.

Right now? I'm taking it with a dose of skepticism.