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Forever Liberty...

No way do I think older people are ignorant...quite the opposite. What I have found however is that older people seriously do not want to know the truth. They sense something is wrong but if they go down the rabbit hole late in life...they think they will be depressed the rest of their life.

I was 47 when I "woke up" and it took me 6 months to start feeling normal again. It's not easy finding out you have been lied to all your life. It's not easy finding out the country that you have held up as a beacon of freedom and compassion turns out to be the biggest bully and terrorist on the planet. It's not easy finding out about the history of money and banking and The Fed. It's not easy breaking from family and friends that think you have lost your mind or gone crazy.

If learning the truth were easy and painless...I suspect more people would seek it out. What I wish is that more people would understand that once you find out the truth the readjustment period only takes about 6 months. And THEN something I never expected happens...a personal freedom and a stress free happiness like you have never experienced will follow.

I went down the rabbit hole first...then my wife...lastly my daughter. We have never been closer and we are all extremely happy. All this even though our income of roughly $125k a year has virtually disappeared.

Minimizing and getting off the hamster wheel has been the best gift I have ever given myself. And now I thirst for knowledge and the truth. I'm still amazed at what I find out sometimes but nothing much surprises me anymore.