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hello YES

The winning threshold is lower in a 3man race than it is in a 2man race. I thought everyone knew that since grade school.

If this were a 3man race Romney would be leading. Leading with fewer points than he currently has in this 2man contest.

There's a misconception out there that if Romney comes in 3rd that it would be a result of Johnson winning and Obama finishing 2nd or vice versa. Whereas the proper way to look at it is - if Johnson finishes 2nd, who finishes 3rd is up for grabs.

Now that's probably dreaming I know. So to be more realistic I'd estimate Johnson getting 10%-15% of the vote, would be a Romney win by 2-3 points. Get up in the high teens or 20% for Johnson and Romney and Obama's numbers flatten out. Anything higher than 20% and it's to close to call for the 2 front-runners.