Comment: this woman and others llike her

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this woman and others llike her

are not ignorant nor stupid,i see it here
where i live and have experienced it in our own
family,generation upon generation using,misusing
and abusing the system
like i said they are smart enough to work the system
to their advantage,and show others how to
around here there are 3 generations on welfare
most are able bodied to work,but choose not to
they know how to speak well enough to get a handout
and to work it to keep it coming in
i know teenagers on assistance,do not work and sit and play games
all day and all night,and most i know own better than i ever will
here is a story to share
a local party store here had a spanish speaking woman(didn't speak
any english) stop in and buy up all the baby formula with her stamps
when she left the store she got into a brand new ford expedition
i know the last one was a bit off topic,but it does speak volumes
as to what is wrong

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence