Comment: Want to know more about how CNN lies?

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Want to know more about how CNN lies?

Well, get this!

Last night I just barely finished watching an Alex Jones interview with Amber Lyon (this interview was yesterday) a Journalist whistle-blower who was forced to leave CNN because she refused to insert propaganda pieces into her news findings. While she was in Bahrain she found out a ton of information on horrible atrocities that government was doing with their citizens while CNN wanted to whitewash that government (because of it's strategic location on the Gulf of Hormuz and it's importance on the upcoming war with Iran). Also CNN receives money from Bahrain (and other countries) to present a propaganda piece as "news" showing how rosy things are there. She also talks first hand on how Obama has caused a severe chilling effect among the CNN reporters and gets into specifics on that. She was forced out of CNN and later CNN threatened to cut her severance and health insurance (and CNN apparently followed through) if she wouldn't shut up. It's a mind blowing interview. (start at 1:12:38)

So now who can you trust?