Comment: You FAIL to define anti-semitism, but thanks for telling us you

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You FAIL to define anti-semitism, but thanks for telling us you

condem it.

I submit to you the battle is over how to define it. If we are to believe the Politically Correct left liberal mag The New Republic, just to hold Ron Paul's foreign policy views is "anti-Semitic". If you do not agree with the UN's "power" to create a country inside another country, then you are "anti-Semitic". And if you think that the Nation of Israel, which claims its "right to exist" from the UN's decree of boundaries and that the city of Jerusalem is NOT apart of the nation of Israel, should stick to that UN decree, then just to raise such views you are today thought of as "anti-Semitic".

But is that anti-semitism? I submit it is not.

Further, if you are a bit of an European historian, you can't help but notice that turn of the last centuries intellectuals where MAINLY Jewish-Males and Socialist and/or Communist. After Socialism came, and war came, and the WWI and WWII ended, the European people thought of this simplification ...Jews=Socialists=wars... was commonplace. It was commonplace, natural, and in my mind, NOT "anti-Semitic" as much as anti-Socialism. Those Jews who subscribed to Zionism, longed for their own country, where socialists. They got their wish with Israel and set about making it their Socialist Theocracy. Meanwhile Israeli propaganda likes to say that ALL of Europe after WWII was "anti-Semitic" when what it really was was weary of people who held those socialist views and chanted those socialist slogans. Since being a European Jew and a Socialist was vertually the same thing, perhaps you can forgive the war weary europeans for not being too precise. Obviously some jews such as the Austrian Economists that we respect were not socialists, but they were in a very small minority of intellectuals at the time, still are. They were so small a minority, they were the Black Swans among millions of white ones.

And finally, in business, as a young businessman, I never found anyone who was not willing to do business with American Jews, both as customers or as businesses. Further, on a personal level, I found no one who would discriminate against them. However, I did find that THEY discriminated against all others regularly both in their personal lives and their business lives. Jewish daughters were to date and marry other Jews, PERIOD. Fiddler On the Roof was historically correct for 1960-2012 America. Jewish parents would "die" if their child married "outside" their faith & race.

And I submit to you, that if human genetics continues its deep understanding of human sub populations that we call races & ethnic groups, that science will pronounce the Jews as the most "racist" of all the human sub groups.

So, if there is still real anti-Semitism out there in America, I submit to you that there is plenty of "anti-non-Jewishism" out there and it is very much healthy and alive inside the Jewish "faith". Its there for the very reason that it is both a "faith" and a "race" and a "culture" all wrapped into one.


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