Comment: I have studied Luther and disagree with your comment.

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I have studied Luther and disagree with your comment.

Martin Luther name has been smeared thru time by the adherents of Popery. Martin Luther was motiviated by the true teachings of the Bible and belief in our Saviour Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church, and it's use of Indulgences,(Being able to buy a pardon for sin both for yourself or a deceased person) spurred Luther to challenge the infallibility of the Bishop of Rome. Luther firmly declared that "Christians should receive not other doctrines than those which rest on the authority of Sacred Scriptures." These words struck at the very foundation of papal supremacy. Luther saw the danger of exalting human theories above the word of God. (Such as the Pope saying he has the ability to forgive sin!) The reformers had identified the Papacy as being the Anti-Christ power. THe papacy fits the Prophecy of Daniel 7 and has all of the attributes of the "Little Horn Power". But nowadays, Lutherans have forgotten what a true hero Martin Luther was and shame his name by calling him anti-semetic. For a great video of Martin Luther watch this.

Unfortunately, Lutherans now look to the Pope as being their Religous icon, instead of Jesus Christ. Check out these pic's
Pope Benedict XVI flanked by Rev. Jens-Martin Kruse prays prays during his visit to the Lutheran Church of Rome on March 14, 2010 in Vatican City, Vatican. Benedict spoke about the importance of relationships between the different Christian churches.

Pope Visits The Evangelic Lutheran Church Of Rome
Title: 932 - Let There Be Light

Author: Walter J. Veith

Description: By Martin Luther’s day, the Catholic Church was ruling the known world of Europe. It was dictating policy to kings and queens. Luther opposed the Church’s blatant misrepresentation of Christ and the Scriptures. The history of the Church was one of persecution of Christians who believed that God’s Word was infallible, not the dictates of the Papacy. In this DVD, you will trace the life of Luther and see what the Church today has done to reunite the world under its authority. Ecumenism has achieved its desired result and this presentation reveals startling new developments in current religio-political thought.

Here is the true and accurate description of the Heritage of Israel.

Description: Tradition holds that those who are born of the sons of Abraham can receive salvation by this merit alone. There are many people who claim to be from the tribes of Israel. This DVD examines this belief in light of Scripture. What was the purpose of Israel? Does salvation come through the Jewish nation? Is salvation even possible through birthright? The meaning of the Jewish feasts is also examined, along with the question of the name of Jesus