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Eh, I don't agree. I think

Eh, I don't agree. I think Cavuto has a better heart then yall are giving him credit. No need to hate on me, lets keep this civil. I think Cavuto is scared shitless of offending us in the liberty movement. I believe he has the heart of a liberty minded person, and is hinting to us "hey, I'm on your side." I take this as a victory, knowing that people are afraid of us, the Paulbots, or better yet the real government watchdogs. Cavuto is trying to keep us happy, and show his alliance to us, or the very least, show us he's not going to giver the cold shoulder to someone he disagrees with. This is exactly how government needs to be, and we all know the media has turned into the government. Cavuto is a good guy.

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite