Comment: Iran capture of American craft

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Iran capture of American craft

The Islamic republic of Iran has the capability of capture and landing of any flying object irrespective of their size and speed as seen with capture of one of the most advanced flying crafts in these above videos and the request of so called the most advanced nation on earth for its toy back.

In this case, there has been no malfunctioning of the craft, but this has been a simple capture and landing of an object at high speed through advanced space programs.

other questions asked:

Why US could not destroy the craft remotely as it is fitted with the necessary self-destruction systems.

The Iran spaceship program has the capability of jamming and blocking any incoming radar as we have explained month ago on this forum, and now we see the practical use of the technology.

If the craft was crashed, why did it not explode or no damaged can be seen?

The craft has been air-picked-up and been put down on its belly through the use of field forces.

Iran has and will protect its territorial integrity through the use of its advanced space technologies, which it has acquired through new space programme and Iran will not use this technology for aggression, but for only showing to other nations that the time of nuclear and so called western advance military technology has come to an end.

In my inputs in this forum over past years I have informed the readers of these capabilities of this new technology.

The size of the 27 meters of the craft is no problem to cover and the speed of the craft is child-play for this new space program.

We salute the advancement in space technology of Iranian scientists and thank them for the peaceful use of this new technology and I am sure we will see more in the coming near future how space will be a peaceful place with this technology in the hand of peace loving nation of Iran.

The Foundation is ready to release the second stage of more advanced technology of this class in early next year as we are putting the final touches to its development.