Comment: Irans Secret is....

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Irans Secret is....

That they ALREADY Have NUKES and have had them for 30 years.

Flashback to the Fall of the Russian Empire....Russia was about to head into full on Total Collapse THEY NEEDED MONEY FAST...Iran was a Close friend just to the south who had LOTS OF MONEY thanks to their vast Oil Production but Iran was under attack from The Rothschilds Hit man Sadam in Iraq who had waged a long deadly war against Iran with Bio-Chem Weapons used to kill Thousands of Iranians..Iran NEEDED BIGGER GUNS.

The Russian had more NUKES then they knew what to do with (and still do) they traded a few to Iran for the CASH that would save the Motherland.

Thats why NOBODY has Screwed with Iran for 30 years guys...They are Sitting on a Hoard of Top of the line Russian Nukes.