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I wouldn't agree it's

I wouldn't agree it's impossible, just not quite probable to be done by any one human, let alone him. But the guy said that he is 100% certain, and that it will most likely happen within next 30 days. Actually, a smirk has to come to one's face when headline reads:
"We May Not Make It To November Elections; 100% Probability The USA Is Finished." So he is 100% sure that we MAY not make it to..? I'm 100% sure there may be a lot of things.

Then further the problem with this piece is that that person doesn't seem to really get the situation with oil,yuan and it's ties to dollar and so on (i don't claim to be an expert either, i just know that it's not as simple as he claims it to be), if you want proof, just check out stock market and it's changes from 9/6.

Why are they buying so many bullets? You guys are in a lot of wars, you spend lots of bullets, maybe this year they got a better deal on bullets because they bought trillion of them, and they expect their price to rise?

Anyway, i'll have a hard time believing anyone that plays action music when he is about to say something "shocking", then does it in changed voice with purposeful mystical rhythm.