Comment: the ultimate litmus test is donation really..

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the ultimate litmus test is donation really..

ive been saying i am totally uninspired by johnson.. but i can by all means back off a confrontation out of decency.. no one wants to live in constant conflict anyway. you can prop up johnson all you want and i might not even want to argue with you all the time, sometimes making an illusion like you are winning.. the ultimate test is how much money people are willing to put where their mouth is.. so far he's not getting a dime of the 2k+ i gave to paul.

i realize his political ambition coincides with our need for someone less bad than obamney, but if this is what some people are claiming the best liberty movement has to offer, then i'm saving my money.

so far what he has done to satisfy his own ambition is pulling some from the paul movement.. he has none of the ability to draw in new blood from all spectrums, not even from liberals to whom he's closer to. he's not in the front line in the trenches arguing with liberals at all like paul did to neo-cons.. simply uninspiring.