Comment: Do I think people see UFOs?

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Do I think people see UFOs?

Do I think people see UFOs? Absolutely(check out sometime...interesting to read all the eyewitness are sure to find hundreds in your area). Do I think these UFOs are alien ships? Absolutely not. There are certain laws of physics that cannot be bypassed...most of these UFO reports involve complete silence on the part of the UFO...and/or manuvers at g forces high enough to squash any living thing inside, while the high g forces may be able to be explained away by the use of some unknown inertia compensation technology, what stands out to me is the complete lack of sound...its not possible...if an object is really there and really moving through the air it will displace that air...displaced air makes sound. Helicopter blades are a great example of this...or a jet breaking the sound barrier with a sonic boom...physical objects moving through the air make sound..pretty simple. I can recreate both the soundlessness and high g manuvers of a ufo easily myself with a laser pointer. Which is more likely? That these things people are seeing are aliens from outer space? Or that they are some type of hologram/illusion? I wont speculate as to the cause of said illusion...but that theory fits the facts much better than aliens